Techworks is known for engineering innovative display solutions for a wide array of applications. Driven by our motto “Making Technology Work For You”, we have successfully created appropriate solutions for diverse display environments and needs. These include standalone and networked displays. 

Techworks offers a range of best-in-class video walls, created by experts with years of experience in creating video wall solutions. VUSTR video walls from Techworks are specifically designed to deliver compelling visual content, and custom designed for digital signage applications, for use in oil and gas exploration, architectural design, museums and corporate experience centers. Retail is one of the verticals where video walls have fast been accepted as the most compelling form of communicating with customers.  Other applications include advanced visualization and broadcast. Designed for 24/7 use in for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Vustr video walls enable you to enjoy a vast and vibrant cinematic experience with the power to configure video walls with scores of monitors, to provide a large single unit display, create and manage audio-visual effects individually, screen by screen, for extreme impact.

Vustr artistic video wall configurations are available on demand. They are a work of performance art which can expand in any direction, enhancing the interiors of any space to a completely new level -  while enjoying the perfect HD quality with stunning shapes and innovative installations across the entire display.

Regardless of the installation, enjoy versatile, compatible functionality that increases the impact of your message via integrating external devices such as PCs or remote consoles with multiple live screens. With pre-loaded videos and images, we can tailor the technology to deliver your content seamlessly – on demand.

Video wall mounting structures are the most advanced and extremely flexible which also enable extreme ease of maintenance. In addition to wall mounting, designs can be created for floor mounting as well as ceiling mounted. For outdoor installation IP54 and IP65 compliant enclosures are also available.

VUSTR video walls are based upon 46” and 55” video wall displays with slim and super slim bezels and brightness from 500 cd/m2 to 700cd/m2.