Techworks is known for engineering innovative display solutions for a wide array of applications. Driven by our motto “Making Technology Work For You”, we have successfully created appropriate solutions for diverse display environments and needs. These include standalone and networked displays.

The advent of touch interactivity in displays, has opened up an extremely wide range of possibilities for users of digital signage, and other users as well. Touch provides and easy and an intuitive interface for users to interact with computers, without any need of knowledge of using them. Touch being a form of input device there is no need for a keyboard or a mouse. This leads to compactness and achieves space saving, while at the same time reducing complexity for the user. Touch Interactive Displays are gaining in popularity across the world as more and more users start to appreciate the wide and easy applicability of this technology. Today touch based solutions are being sought by organizations setting up or upgrading their experience centers, hospitals for conveying information to patients in a convenient manner, by conference organizers to inform delegates about schedules, speaker information etc, hotels for way finding and daily events information, restaurants etc.

Techworks provides a wide range of touch display solutions from dual to multi-touch in a broad range of display sizes from 23” to 55” including up to large video walls. Other sizes smaller than 23” and larger than 55” are also available on demand.

From dual to multi-touch displays, we offer a whole range of touch display solutions for large video walls or more personalized interactive display centres.

Some of our key features include:

  • Range of sizes – Standard and Custom
  • Range of Touch Points – From Dual to as many as 40 Touch Points
  • Wall Mounted, Touch Tables, Kiosks, or Custom Enclosures
  • Compatibility with Windows, Linux and Android
  • Water Proof Touch Overlays 

Our durable and dependable solutions elevate customer experiences when used at point-of-sale and high traffic public access areas. We transform your space into a state-of-the-art information disseminating environment, allowing your audience to acquire critical information and even perform transactions on-site.