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Transportation Industry

A great way to bring in a level of operational efficiency into your transportation hub is to rely on digital signage solutions to provide relevant information such as arrival and departure timings, gate, platform information, etc. Digital signage solutions are able to take this a step further by helping various transportation agencies connect with the travellers while also minimizing hardware investments by using the same displays for various other purposes.

While travelling for most people proves to be an enriching experience, it can often get daunting for a first time visitor to get from point A to B in a smooth manner. Digital signage can be used as a wayfinding solution that makes life easy for travellers from all parts of the world.

Easily Updatable

The content on your digital signage solution can be easily updatable, giving travellers real-time information on news, weather, location-based information, emergency alerts, any changes in travel and other location-based advertising. Depending on your needs you can choose between a static or dynamic signage at strategic locations across the transportation facility such as an airport, train or bus station to make it easier for your travellers to avail the various facilities made available at the venue.

Digital signage solutions by Techworks can be used to :

  • Direct travellers more efficiently through airport terminals, railway stations and bus terminals.
  • Provide critical real-time updates by integrating information such as weather feeds and live news.
  • Generate additional revenue for the transportation facility through paid advertising and suggesting other purchases and services available at the facility.
  • Drive traffic to various vendors in the terminal by presenting time and location specific promotions.
  • Strategically place self-service kiosks that help reduce wait time and involvement of local facility staff.
  • Help guide travellers to area hotels, bathrooms, other transportation locations and amenities.

We also help install Kiosks at relevant places across the facility that are touchscreen enabled and allows users to perform specific tasks such as purchase tickets, check-in or obtain directions.

All displays at a particular facility can be centrally controlled and managed.

Some of the solutions that Techworks has on offer:

TECH-AIR – Passenger Information Display System for Airports

TECH-RAIL – Passenger Information Display System for Railways

TECH-BUS – Passenger Information Display System for Bus Terminals

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