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Healthcare Sector

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are increasingly using digital signage to communicate with visiting patients and the friends and family, to create a seamless flow of information, enhancing their level of experience and hence satisfaction. Digital signage can help healthcare organizations across all areas where patients and family interact with them.

Techworks has digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry. Some of the areas where we have focused on are out-patient information, in-patient information, lobby and general signage.

With the help of our reliable displays designed to manage the rigors of high traffic public environment and speciality displays that help calm down even the most stressed out family members, the digital display solutions we offer help disseminate critical information most relevant to the healthcare industry.

For the out-patient department, Techworks offers a Que Management System, with or without audio announcements, standard signage solutions for promotions eg wellness programmes, educational content etc.

Operating theatre information signage informing family of surgery status and other related information; waiting room entertainment including hospital messaging and educational content.

Other information and or entertainment solutions for night waiting areas, cafeteria etc including billing information through touch kiosks in the reception/lobby area.

Creating Optimized Customer Experiences

  • Integrate your displays with third-party applications such as your in-house scheduling system to make sure that the patient has access to updated information.
  • Use digital signage solutions to reduce perceived wait times through entertaining and informative videos, live news feeds and social media integration.
  • Promote additional services available at your facility and open doors to advertising opportunities.
  • Place displays in cafeterias and other strategic places to provide nutritional guidelines, tips and other information.

TechWorks digital display solutions is extremely reliable and sturdy, protected from external environments and ideal for LCD video walls, kiosks, touchscreen facilities and more. They are designed to meet the everyday demands on hospitals and clinics in an effective manner.

All solutions across the healthcare facility can be centrally controlled and managed.

By switching to digital signage solutions from Techworks, you will be able to significantly reduce operational costs while improving efficiency and patient experience at your healthcare facility. Our healthcare specific digital signage solutions are extremely easy to operate and update to provide accurate information for patients, nurses, doctors and other staff that make an integral part of the healthcare facility.

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